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Selected vineyards located on the Veronese headlands.

Corvina, a native veronese grape variety, is picked when perfectly ripe. The must is then left to macerate on the skins at cold temperature for a few hours, to gently extract the colour and aromas. The must is then aged exclusively in steel tanks.

Pure Corvina is expressed in this deep, enticing rosé colour with delicious charming coral hues. An enveloping bouquet of peony, orange blossom and nectarine that pairs beautifully with crisp notes of mandarin orange, mango and lemon grass. A silky, elegant sip with a good degree of salinity and excellent smoothness.

Fira Rosa can perfectly accompany delicate dishes such as sushi, tempura, or a fresh vegetable vinaigrette. Other tempting pairings include fish carpaccio, spelt salad or risotto with herbs.

12,5% vol

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