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Garganega, a white Veronese autochthonous grape, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

The vines are situated in the hills at 170metres above sea level between Soave and Monteforte. The soil is mainly calcareous and the vines are trained in the guyot system.

The grapes are left to mature on the vines slightly longer than is usual, they are carefully selected in the vineyard and then left to rest on large grids for around 10 days. This process adds taste and aroma. The grape must be left to ferment at a controlled temperature to maintain the original characteristics of the grapes. The wine is then matured in large casks for two months; this process mitigates the natural freshness and adds a note of creaminess. The wine matures for further two months before marketing.

A welcoming fragrance of white peaches, apricot and elderberry. To the palate Fira bianco is juicy and tasty with fresh hints of red grapefruit and an intriguing aftertaste of mint.

It is a versatile wine which changes according to the temperature: if served chilled, with its floral overtones it is a delicious aperitif to offer with vegetable crudité or quiche. Served slightly warmer Fira Bianco is the perfect accompaniment for seafood risotto or grilled scampi.

13,5% vol

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