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60% Corvina Veronese
20% Corvinone
20% Rondinella

The vineyards are situated between the Illasi and the Cazzano di Tramigna valleys.

The grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand. Only the best bunches are carefully placed in small boxes which are then placed in well aerated drying lofts. The
grapes remain there until they reach the perfect level of dehydration. After a further selection to remove any
damaged grapes, the stems are removed, the grapes are pressed and the maceration and fermentation start.
The wine is then left to mature in small and medium casks
for six years. A further maturation of at least six months
takes place once the wine is bottled.

Intense red with hints of garnet after aging. A complex and
ample bouquet with notes of red fruit preserves and spices, hints of cherries and tobacco. On the palate this wine shows great intensity and elegance

The perfect accompaniment for elaborate meat dishes,
game, and mature cheeses. A perfect meditation wine.

15,5% vol

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Mundus Vini Summer 2021

GOLD Best Amarone on Show

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