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60% Corvina
10% Corvinone
20% Rondinella
10% Croatina

A vineyard of approximately 6 hectares at an altitude of 230 metres on the crest of the Val d’Illasi. A plantation of over 20 years pruned in the spurred cordon method with around 9,500 to 10,000 vines per hectares. The ground is a mixture of chalk and clay with some traces of volcanic soil. The high temperature range and the 360 degree exposure makes for an ideal vineyard to produce high quality grapes.

The grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard during harvesting and are then subjected to a light crushing and destemming, followed by temperature controlled fermentation for 8 to 10 days. Once fermented the new wine is stored in stainless steel containers and is then “ripassato” (allowed to flow over the lees of Amarone wine). This is the true characteristic of this wine: The “ripasso” of the wine aver the lees of newly pressed Amarone which induces a secondary fermentation. Thanks to this process the wine becomes softer, more structured and has a long shelf life. After racking the wine undergoes a malolactic fermentation and is then matured for around 36 months in medium to large sized wooden casks. After bottling the wine rests for a further 6 months in temperature controlled rooms.

The wine is an intense red. It has an ample, persistent bouquet, with notes which range from small red fruits to spices. On tasting, this soft velvety wine, maintains its easy drinking characteristic typical of Valpolicella wine but intense fruity flavours and a delicate note of chocolate.

Excellent as an accompaniment to robust first courses such as mushroom risotto. Ideal with meat based dishes such as mixed grills, roasts and game. Excellent also with cold cuts and medium matured cheeses.

14% vol

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Premi e riconoscimenti

Vini Buoni d’Italia 2024 Touring Club




Luca Maroni “Annuario dei migliori vini 2016”

93 Pt.

Mundus Vini Summer 21


James Suckling

90 pt

James Suckling

90 Pt.

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