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60% Corvina,
10% Corvinone,
20% Rondinella
10% Croatina

A vineyard of approximately 6 hectares at an altitude of 230 metres on the crest of the Val d’Illasi. A plantation of over 20 years pruned in the spurred cordon method with around 9,500 to 10,000 vines per hectares. The ground is a mixture of chalk and clay with some traces of volcanic soil. The high temperature range and the 360-degree exposure is ideal for producing grapes destined for partial drying

The grapes are carefully selected and placed in small plastic baskets of around 5Kg capacity and are then transported to the drying lofts where they will remain for approximately 3 months in a humidity controlled atmosphere until their weight has reduced by around 30% and the essential components of the grapes are concentrated. The fermentation takes place in temperature controlled, stainless steel vats and during the course of 20 to 30days during which, they undergo the processes of fulling and delestage. After racking the malolactic fermentation takes place and the wine is transferred to various sized wooden casks: casks of 20to 25 hectolitres, kegs of 500litres and, finally in barriques of 225litres. The regular decantation, the processing in the cellars and the assembly during the 48 months of maturing produce a well balanced wine with rounded tannins. After bottling the wine matures for at least another year in a temperature controlled warehouse.

Red violet with a good intensity and density. A spicy perfume of dried figs, maraschino cherries, and aromatic herbs. Persistent on the palate with elegant sweet velvety balsamic tannins. Well balanced, embracing aftertaste.

The perfect accompaniment to stews, grilled red meats, all types of game and well matured or lightly spicy cheeses.

15,5% vol

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