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Resta aggiornato sulle novitÀ di
Casa Sartori 1898

When we open up, we’ll give our best

When we open up we give the best of us

Special Star for Copy Strategy


The most representative image of Casa Sartori 1898, born from the creativity and collaboration of Clab Comunicazione, wins the “Special Star for Copy Strategy” award at the 27th edition of Mediastars, a prestigious recognition that goes first for the best communication campaigns in Italy.

“When we open up we give the best of ourselves” means opening up generously, sharing one’s knowledge, entering into harmony with others in an exchange that favors dialogue between generations and cultures. These are our values ​​and we wanted to convey with an image, the blossoming flower, and a claim that represent the opening of our wines on occasions of conviviality and the desire of Casa Sartori 1898 to communicate openness to hospitality .

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